We are looking for something where we can contribute our value on a volunteer basis and still have a shared office. We ourselves are self-catering in the summer and can therefore contribute quite a bit to a community.

This was a question today in our Digital Nomads Switzerland Slack group. There was a very interesting answer from a member of our community: https://traditionaldreamfactory.com/

Thanks a lot!

About Lorenz Ramseyer

Lorenz Ramseyer is a Remote Work Consultant and President of the Swiss Digital Nomads Association. He has been intensively involved with the concept of location-independent working since 2006 and today supports teams in successfully switching from the office to hybrid or remote work. Ramseyer originally trained as a teacher and later trained as an IT project manager. He holds an MAS in Social Informatics and is Managing Director of the remote work agency BERGSPITZ media. He offers strategy workshops on remote work, holds keynote speeches on the future of work and is a guest lecturer at various universities.


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