Basel - 12 Residents | Basel-Klybeck | Outstanding Bright Apt. w/ Workspace

Basel - 12 Residents | Basel-Klybeck | Outstanding Bright Apt. w/ Workspace

Our community consists of people around the world for young professionals, digital nomads, and project collaborators moving to Basel who are looking for a shared living experience. The spacious units at Klybeck are tailored to a community living environment. The units at Klybeck are perfect for both short and long stays in the city.

Our property features individually bookable rooms that are connected to community kitchens, dining, and living room areas, easily allowing like-minded people in similar situations to connect and interact with each other. The upcycled interior and building location underline the historic character of Klybeck. The following amenities and services are included:
– Central city location.
– Living in a community.
– Soundproof Furnished rooms with wardrobe, desk, lamp.
– Fully equipped shared kitchen with all the cooking tools.
– Dining and living room for your comfort.
– Washer, dishwasher, and dryer.
– Heating in all the common areas and rooms.
– Shared bathroom with all the essentials.
– Fully furnished units (deco not included).
– Inventory upcycling concept aka Nestventory.
– Budget-friendly rates.

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