Guestpost from Fanny Caloz, the Co-Founder of swissescape

So excited to bring together our next Swiss Escape summer retreat, happening from June 28 – July 1, 2022. I’ve been wanting to organize one for a really long time now. And it’s finally here!!

This retreat is the place where we get to open up and share our challenges and successes with the group. As a business owner, I know the frustrations that come from feeling stuck and lonely dealing with a million things and not seeing the end of the tunnel.

I also know that when this happens, there is nothing more powerful than connecting with other entrepreneurs so that we get a new perspective on our seemingly “impossible challenges”. 

I’ve been collaborating with two amazing people. Lorenz Ramseyer is the president of Digital Nomad Switzerland and a pro at building networks & platforms. Morgane Oléron is the Queen of coliving and the creative mind behind Life on 5th where she talks about all things coliving, from community management to content creation, she’s done it all (published a book, hosts a podcast, marketing, and operations!)

I meet Lorenz in person at least twice a year, and every time that I speak with him about my fears and challenges, I get over them the next day and do the things that I was procrastinating on for days (if not weeks). 

I have the privilege of working with Morgane, and during our weekly calls, whenever one of us feels down, just sharing and saying what’s on our mind is enough to help us “do the scary stuff”.

This is why I’m so excited to have them both at Swiss Escape as they share their experience and knowledge with others. 

We’ll spend incredible three days in the mountains where we get to reconnect with our business goals, and make progress together. And most importantly, be surrounded by a community of entrepreneurs and freelancers. It’s going to be lots of FUN!

For more information, check it out here:

DM your questions or contact us directly at

I hope to see you there!

Fanny Caloz
Coliving Founder & Business coach helping entrepreneurs start and grow their business


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