The first coworking session of Digital Nomads Switzerland takes place on Switzerland’s most beautiful sandy beach in Yvonand on Lake Neuchâtel.
At the end of the season, there is not much going on in the campsite’s restaurant. So let’s go! Unpack your laptops! Van, tent, hotel or Airbnb, anything goes!


  • Arrival Tuesday 28.9. in the evening, check-in hotel or Airbnb, set up tents and vans, dinner and welcome drink at about 19.30 in the camping restaurant.
  • Wednesday 29.9. coworkation in the area Camping de la Menthue, breakfast together, lunch, dnch-apéro at 4pm, if the weather is nice barbecue on the beach.
  • Thursday 30.9. Individual return journey or further work on the beach.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to stay overnight in Yvonand, you can simply join the coworking on Wednesday 29.9.21.

The coworkation is free of charge, the organization of your accommodation and meals will be done individually and paid by yourself.

The association #dnch invites all participants to an aperitif with drinks and snacks on Wednesday 29.9.21 at 4pm!

No registration is necessary, but it would be cool if you quickly let us know in the closed dnch slack group or via closed FB group if you are in.

Lorenz, Michi, Michael, Mirjam and Pascal. You will recognize us either sitting at the laptop in the Camping Restaurant or by our official dnch-Coworkation hoodies. Please contact us, we are happy if people spontaneously join us.


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