Digital Nomads Switzerland met again this year for the conference – already for the fifth time. On 1 October 2022, five speakers spoke in their keynotes about working and living on the move, but also about companies that want to enable remote work. The event was held in English and could be followed live in Bern as well as online. The event was open to anyone interested in Digital Nomadism and flexible working today and in the futur

Changes and insurances for companies and digital nomads
In this fifth edition of the conference, two Bachelor’s theses and one Master’s thesis served as the basis for the keynotes. As always, practical information about working remotely and living as a Digital Nomad was at the centre of the conference: five presentations dealt with structural changes for companies that want to enable remote work, insurance, ideal spaces for remote workers and working in a mobile home.

Watch the whole conference as a Youtube video, approx. 3h.

The speakers and their topics – go directly to the keynotes of the speakers via timestamp links in the titles

Selina Hofmann – Adapting Companies to Support the Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Youtube

Born in Bern and raised in Montreux, Selina completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sierre, where she was confronted with the challenges of the pandemic. These experiences, combined with an Erasmus stay in Spain, led her to research the topic of digital nomads in companies for her bachelor thesis.

In her keynote, Selina showed how companies can integrate remote work with a step-by-step action plan. During the pandemic, many people have realised the benefits of remote work for their lives and are now demanding that it becomes part of their daily working life. To address this concern, companies should now create structures that enable location-independent working.

Lucien Marti – How to Office on the Road – Youtube

Lucien Marti is a multimedia producer, content creator, IT engineer and camping enthusiast.

In his Bachelor’s thesis, he investigated what needs to be considered when working in a mobile home. He presented the findings from interviews with experts on this topic and a one-month self-experiment at the conference.

Michael Gutknecht – Insurances for Digital Nomads – Youtube

Michael Gutknecht is a remote worker and CEO of GmbH, which offers online insurance advice for start-ups, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

In his keynote, he answered frequently asked questions about insurance for digital nomads and showed how remote workers are restricted by local insurance laws.

Alessa Rehmann – Where We Will Work in the Future and How That Will Affect Our Living Spaces – Youtube

Spaces, their function and use are Alessa’s passion. She has a Bachelor in Interior Design (HSLU Lucerne 2018) and has just completed her Master in Design at ZHdK (2022). For her Master’s thesis, she studied the changes that have occurred due to increasing remote working.

Alessa took the congress participants on her research journey for her master’s thesis, which produced three relevant themes on how design can have a positive impact on the everyday life of teleworkers. She also presented her design project “Out of Office”, which was created during the research. It includes possible scenarios of what kind of spaces we will work in in the future.

Gonçalo Hall – How nomads can have a local impact with the example of Madeira and Cabo Verde – Youtube

Gonçalo Hall is the CEO of NomadX, one of the largest nomadic communities in the world with physical communities in Madeira, Cabo Verde and Lisbon.
He has also launched projects such as the Remote Work Movement, Future of Work Conferences, Remote Portugal and Remote Europe to help the movement grow and spread.

The Digital Nomad Village is Gonçalo’s most popular project, being developed in Ponta do Sol on Madeira Island, where he is building a community of digital nomads focused on positive local impact and deep human connections. The project has been featured in CNN, Washington Post, Skift, Lonely Planet, Irish Times and many other international publications.

He started working with the Cabo Verde government to replicate the project and attract thousands of remote workers and entrepreneurs to the beautiful islands of Africa to help the local population digitise and empower them to work from Cabo Verde for any company around the world.

He also hosts the Remote Movement Podcast, where he interviews people who are causing turmoil in the world of remote work.

Text by Doro Staub
Photos by Claudia Mühlherr, PEAX

Many thanks to the over 100 participants (on-site and virtual), the 5 speakers, our sponsors PEAX AG & syndicom and the OC team Rolf, Anita, Susanna and Doro for the exciting event. Next year on 30.9.2023 – same time, same place.

About Lorenz Ramseyer

Lorenz Ramseyer is a Remote Work Consultant and President of the Swiss Digital Nomads Association. He has been intensively involved with the concept of location-independent working since 2006 and today supports teams in successfully switching from the office to hybrid or remote work. Ramseyer originally trained as a teacher and later trained as an IT project manager. He holds an MAS in Social Informatics and is Managing Director of the remote work agency BERGSPITZ media. He offers strategy workshops on remote work, holds keynote speeches on the future of work and is a guest lecturer at various universities.


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