How can you make the most of this year’s Digital Nomads Conference Switzerland?

💻 Be there

– Be there in person – the magic of events like this conference is the people who attend. More often than not, the contact, new opportunity or answer you are looking for is waiting with the person sitting next to you or the person you happen to meet at the aperitif afterwards.

💻 Log in

– If you, like many other Digital Nomads, are on the road, you can join us remotely at any time via an online ticket. Between talks, our online community also meets in breakout rooms where interesting topics can be discussed and new travel friends can be made (true story).

💻 Take notes

– Pick up your notebook or phone and write down the insights you have just gained. Our speakers, as well as the community, contain many insights, hacks, tools and contacts that you will want to take home with you.

💻 Stay in touch

– Connect through a variety of channels. Our Slack channel as well as our Facebook group are quite active, but also new connections meet again in different settings. To get the most out of a community, you need to stay in touch and check in regularly.

There are still a few last tickets to attend the conference in person. Otherwise, we encourage you to tune in online.


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